Trigopax Cream against redness and contusion of the skin


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This care product has been designed to protect, sooth and repair the skin in the event of repeated friction and/or maceration, causing irritation and redness inside skin folds, particularly for athletes, elderly persons and obese subjects. Specific active substances limit maceration and friction, while promoting epidermal repair. The bacterial and fungal flora is controlled to limit risks of infection. Trigopax contains Amihope, a powder with lubricant properties 4 times superior to those of talc. Very well-tolerated, it does not irritate mucosal surfaces.

Flushing and skinning in the case of: obesity, excessive sports activity, wearing tight clothing, etc.



Method of administration: 
TRIPOPACK is administered 1-2 times a day on clean and dry skin.



Natural phytosterols, amypo (lysine derivative), manioc starch, 1% cyclopirox olamine, 12% zinc oxide.



Packaging: 30 g .




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Weight 30 kg


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